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Visions start with asking questions. And for us, the most important question has always been: How can we help our customers achieve greater success with outstanding standard products and custom solutions?

Our Ambitions

Our foremost goal is to put our customers first and continue being a reliable partner to them. We’re committed to leveraging our knowledge and experience to continue forging a steady stream of innovative solutions. The success we have had with our portfolio of rotating solutions shows beyond a doubt that we are more than able to apply existing knowledge and quality standards to completely new markets.

Over 250 Patents in 75 years

Over the course of our 75-year history, research and development have consistently been the basis for our success. Our R&D facility includes an innovative team that takes a scientific approach. This group enables us to transform the latest scientific breakthroughs into new products, which has spawned more than 250 patents.

We also work closely with universities and research institutes to develop new technologies and take them to market maturity. SPINNER has close relationships with several universities. We support research projects and offer students opportunities to do internships and graduation projects at our company. This naturally also helps us recruit the best candidates for our company. Employees of ours also spend time working at those institutions, a collaborative approach that has proven to be very fertile and productive for all concerned.

We Define New Standards in High-Frequency Technology

SPINNER develops and manufactures pioneering RF components while setting new standards of performance and service life in the process. The success story behind these innovations began back in 1946 – and many products that are standard today are based on SPINNER inventions and patents.

Leading industrial companies rely on equipment from SPINNER to lastingly reduce their operating costs while ensuring top quality. As a Munich-based global industry leader, we continue to be the first choice for simple but elegant solutions in the category of passive RF products.

We set standards in radio frequency technology with our products, thus helping to enliven the information age. We have summed up our commitment in this brief phrase:


Our Production Sites

Today the SPINNER group employs around 1000 persons worldwide, providing international support to our customers from our headquarters in Munich, production facilities in Germany, Hungary and China, and branches and dealerships in over 40 countries

SPINNER Westerham

1966: Opening of a new production site in Feldkirchen-Westerham

When space starts getting tight in Munich, the decision is made to build a new facility in the town of Feldkirchen-Westerham southeast of the city. Today, in 2021, the site is an important competency center with more than 560 employees working in development, production, and administration.

SPINNER Lauenstein

1991: Founding of the SPINNER Lauenstein subsidiary

At Lauenstein near Dresden, the company starts manufacturing assembled cables for mobile communication infrastructure. The first semi-automatic jumper production line is added soon afterward. In 2005, SPINNER completely automates this operation.

SPINNER Hungaria

1997: Founding of SPINNER Hungária Kft.

SPINNER Hungária Kft. is founded in Szekszard about 150 km south of Budapest. The facility initially concentrates on expanding the production and assembly capacities for our family of coaxial connectors. Since 2002, SPINNER Hungaria has been operating one of the most modern electroplating plants in Hungary.


2000: Establishment of SPINNER China for production and sales

In December 2000, SPINNER opens its first plant in the Songjiang industrial park in Shanghai, China. Production of mobile communications components begins just a few months later, in March 2001. Today, SPINNER China is an important sales, development, and production site serving customers in Asia.


The SPINNER Group has been setting standards with its RF technology products for 75 years, thus leading the information age to even greater vitality. We have summarised our claim in one phrase:


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