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The Advent of Contactless Rotary Joints for Transmitting Data and Power in Industrial Applications

As a result of extensive networking of machines and systems within the scope of digitalization and automation, enormous data volumes are generated in industry – and especially in connection with rotating applications.

To cope with these, SPINNER has developed capacitive and inductive transmission solutions that are widely used in mechanical and systems engineering, robotics, the food industry, packaging machines, medical technology, and many other fields.

The first capacitive data link was installed in 2014 for a wind turbine. Since then, SPINNER has steadily increased its market penetration in a vast range of industrial applications involving intermediate and high rotational speeds.

Innovations and the environment

These days more and more processes, in everything from manufacturing to shipping, are being increasingly automated. These state-of-the-art applications need to be highly efficient and reliable. And in order for a controller or regulator to do its job effectively in real time, it’s essential to ensure stable, uninterrupted transmission of data and power over long periods of time. Rotating components pose special challenges. But rotary units from SPINNER meanwhile fully meet all of these requirements at speeds up to 5,000 rpm.

In addition to conventional contactless capacity data transmission, since 2020 SPINNER’s portfolio has included fully mature contactless inductive power transmission of 24/48 volts and up to 750 watts.

By combining both contactless technologies, SPINNER is able to offer customers a complete solution for rotary transmission of power and nearly all digital data (as well as analog data in some cases).

In the context of SPINNER’s technology, “contactless” means that the bearings are the only functional components that actually have any direct contact. SPINNER works very closely with major suppliers in this field to design products that perform this function for as long as possible with minimal maintenance.

At the end of the day, this enables users to significantly slash servicing costs – thanks to wear- and maintenance-free operation of production equipment, which also greatly increases reliability (the keyword here is 24/7 operation).

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