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Inauguration of the Production Plant in Feldkirchen-Westerham

By 1963, however, space was starting to get tight in the new facility in Munich. Following an exhaustive search, an appropriate site for building another facility was finally found at the edge of the town of Westerham about 50 km south of Munich.

Westerham’s mayor and town council were very open to the plans. In 1966, the first hall was completed and able to accommodate part of the company’s production activities. The new facility grew rapidly after that, doubling in size by 1969.

The teaching workshop also moved to Westerham to make sure that a sufficient number of well-trained young specialists were available to uphold SPINNER’s high standard of product quality. Over the years since then, more than 700 trainees have qualified as industrial mechanics in Westerham alone.

By 1979 there were 570 people working there, making it necessary to expand the facility further. Just a year later, in 1980, another 5,000 square meters of production space were inaugurated. The product catalog, encompassing a full range of RF product types and versions, continued to grow steadily. SPINNER’s connectors, which have always been the company’s staple products, almost took a back seat as a result of these developments. 

Two more sections were subsequently added, and as a result this development, production and administrative site now boasts five hall units with total floorspace of more than 20,000 m².

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