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Entry to High Vacuum Technology

As a result of supplying high-performance, robust components to globally known nuclear research and particle accelerator projects of CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research near Geneva/Switzerland), JET (Joint European Torus in Culham/UK), GSI ((Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung in Darmstadt/Germany), ENEA and INFN Frascati/Italy (National Agency for New Technologies, Energy & Sustainable Development and National Institute of Nuclear Physics), Princeton University in New Jersey/USA and others, the SPINNER name has become closely associated with our RF high-quality line and passive components.

The 1980s

Our portfolio of waveguide components for high-energy applications and research facilities was extended to include high vacuum technology. High vacuum is mainly used inside particle accelerators and fusion reactors.

1982: first high-vacuum coaxial components

SPINNER adds coaxial components to its portfolio. The company is awarded the contract to supply the vacuum feed line for the tokamak of the TEXTOR fusion experiment being conducted in Jülich by a cluster consisting of the Royal Military Academy in Brussels, the former Institute of Plasma Physics in Nieuwegein near Utrecht, and the Jülich Institute of Plasma Physics. Its results will later be utilized for the large-scale international ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor near Cadarache/France) project, among other things.

1983: first high-vacuum waveguide components

Just a year later, our longtime customer CERN ordered high-vacuum R32 waveguide components for the LEP-Linac (Large Electron/Positron Collider). We installed the entire waveguide transmission systems extending from the 35 MW klystrons to the accelerator structures, including power dividers, pumping ports, switches, directional couplers, and phase shifters.

SPINNER has been supplying fusion research projects worldwide since the late 1960s.
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